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It gets grindy as all get out. Don't spend plat on anything besides slots until you've decided if you are invested in the game. Then you might want to trade plat for Prime (upgraded) gear, but I can't recommend the "Trade" chat because it's filled with people who want to maximize the amount of virtual currency that they can squeeze out of you. Stick the "Wartrade" subreddit if you don't want to get fleeced. If you are interested in min/maxing your gear, trading plat for hard-to-find mods is also a good use. If you have leftover plat, then go for the cosmetic stuff. Everything worth having in the game can be earned by playing. Some stuff is definitely more of a pain to get and spending plat on it is up to you. Prime Access is one of the more cost-effective ways to buy a chunk of plat and it can get you all of the latest Prime gear depending on which package you spring for. Rhino is one of the most survivable Frames and Nyx is easily the best at CC.
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