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Occupy Wall Street and Etc

So these people are rallying and sleeping on the streets in several major cities. It seems they have a purpose and a mission, but the media says that ultimately they are still very disorganized without a singular message or representative of their cause. (Unless Anon is that representative even then it doesn't seem like enough).

Maybe I am missing the point, but how is a bunch of people sleeping on the sidewalk supposed to uproot the current banking practices and change the way these corporations and governing bodies related to them do business?

From my understanding, unless they start shitting on the door steps of every major company to prevent employees from entering, nothing is really going to change. Not trying to downplay or insult the cause, in fact I think its great that people are standing up for what they believe, but it just seems very inefficient. But it could be just the media again.

What do you guys think, does this movement have enough steam to accomplish its goals?
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