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The term conservative/republican these days are associated way too much with shit that should never apply to any politics.Those being:
1) Abortion
2) Religion
3) Legalize Weed
4) Gay people

Thats all anyone fucking cares about in the real world it seems. You ask them about shit like taxes and they jump all over "I PAY TOO FUCKING MUCH" bandwagon. The entire time they have yet to realize that their actual stance on important things (You know... like the ECONOMY and not failing as a country) actually leans to the right.

All most liberals EVER think about is shit that shouldn't even matter in politics

No major party is on the legalize weed bandwagon. That is the domain of libertarians and ron paul. Obama is on track to shut down more weed dispensaries in states with medical marijuana laws than Bush ever did.

Abortion, religion and gay people are all wedge issues the republicans use to stir up their base, not things liberals think belong in politics.

Religion was supposed to be settled by the first amendment.

Abortion was supposed to be settled by Roe V Wade.

The gay thing is still a legitimate issue but on one side you have people saying "in a free country like ours, where people are considered equal in the eyes of the law, our laws and rights should apply to everyone equally." and on the other side you have people saying that religion owns the rights to marriage, we should continue discriminating because the bible says so and gay people make us feel icky and if gay people get married it will be the downfall of all western civilization...

If you try and talk about taxes you have one side saying "Hey, maybe we should raise the top marginal rate by 3% and tax capital gains of over a million dollars at 30% to make up for at least some of our budget deficit" and on the other side you have people saying no, we should decimate all socials services, cut more taxes on the rich, raise taxes on the poor (commonly referred to as "broadening the tax base"), dig the hole we are already in even deeper even faster and those other idiots who want to raise taxes slightly are all socialist communist fascist maoist america hating assholes who just want to see the country fail...

Also, "not failing as a country" is not a "right wing" issue. It's a right wing meme that liberals want america to fail. That is not a real issue, that is retarded hyperbolic rhetoric. Anytime someone says everyone who disagrees with them just wants the country to fail, that should be your cue that they are an idiot spewing hyperbole and you should probably find something else to listen to.
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