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I thought it was, tbh. I had a blast last November, despite the deer hitting the car.

The track is gorgeous, the cars are the fastest in the world, the drivers are the world's best, and it's just plain fun. Fuckton of walking, and the foodstuffs are outrageously expensive; but overall it's very worth the time.

If you go, consider the general admission, because those seats aren't really bad, unless the crowd is always standing. But that can happen in the stands, too.

And be prepared to walk, ALOT. it's a long track, and the maximum elevation changes are in the neighborhood of 150-170ft.

Show up on day one, and plan to get your souvenirs then; I made the mistake of doing it on day 3, and missed out on some good stuff; plus, got caught in the worst lines to the busses.

All in all, it was a blast. Austin is a great place, and I had fun, despite the 60 mile drive to and from LaGrange.

Do eet.
Yeah, I went to UT so I know Austin is a cool place, but I'm not sure the race would be worth the price of admission + extras. The thing I liked about the Nascar race was the fact that I sat at the infamous corner where most of the high speed crashes happened (I think they fixed the track now though) and that made the whole traffic jam getting there worth it...I don't think F1 is contact sport like Nascar.
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