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(part of my response)

Hmm yea, I will go with that.

If I remember right you still owe me money for the FIRST LAPTOP I SOLD YOU.

O and in your email, you said that your brother ALREADY SENT ME MONEY THROUGH THE MAIL????

-This guy already trolled me last year. He still owes me money for a Laptop I sold him.

-He sent me a email a couple weeks ago when we worked out a deal on another laptop. In his email he told me that his brother had already sent payment through the mail and is wondering why I havent shipped anything. I still have not recieved payment at all. Then today he asks me to ship first because "his broher dosent trust anyone". He has no feedback at all. He has been KCED numerous times and I think he needs to be banned.

Just look at his post content. He made a thread in D&S for people to PIF him P3 computers, and he didnt have ANYTHING to offer. The last couple of threads are under lock by mod.

Here is his information:

Name- Abdul Kadir
Address- Unknown
Phone- Unknown
Email address-
AIM: dr.thugunamics

Do not do business with this

hey brent u know i dont send money online. remember wen i asked u if u wer able to buy something for me from ebay. and why the F r u callin me a troll. i didnt do buz with any of u guys yet.and plus who the fuck is that on that pic man. atleast use my F-ing picture man. and i was never kced. and about this pif thing. u guys should check it. it was closed because i didnt know how to use genmay. that was when i really started used genmay. all my forums got closed because they wer wrong. fisrt one i didnt start with FS. it was closed. second one i wanted to say PIF but i said WTT or WTB. i dont excally remember. u guys could chek. anyways i dont i have never traded or bought anything from anybody online. im a starter. just started using computers last year. when i was in Cisco class with u. and u know i failed it. stop makin things man. and if u have problems with me then say it to me not other people . and on the other forum u said dont give out info. u r trying to give my info man.

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