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It's not just a "greedy CEO" argument. We live in a first world country, and even people in the poverty line have certain expectations of living that people in Taiwan would kill for. We have minimum wage laws, unions, and a bunch of other protections that make the American workforce what it is. These aren't bad things, but they also make it silly for certain blue collar jobs to exist in large force in America. Eventually, it only makes sense for work to be outsourced, or more likely, to have a machine make your car or ring up your groceries.

Let's also not forget that the consumer encourages these practices as well, as they will more often than not forgo buying American if it means buying an item or service of similar value for $2 less. Hell, why would anyone NOT do that, except for sentimental reasons that create an artificial economy? And hell, more often than not, we buy things from overseas because they are just done BETTER, like when Japanese car makers stepped up their game 20 years ago.
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