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That's in the eye of the beholder. If you're an avid fan of chocolate or red meat you would probably feel abused. In my experience people don't like it any time they're told that they cannot do something.

Also I must say again that it's not "the government" that decides what's going on. While there's some executive decisions and judicial actions, the people of the United States have the final say in the matter.

To actually answer you question, no. If a sufficient amount of people got together to get rid of red meat and chocolate in their society I wouldn't argue with them. By virtue of them being the majority it would effectively be "their" society.

which is why we once again come in and say that you have little understanding of what just democracy really entails. i implore you to do some reading on the theoretical foundations of our democracy, and moreover do some reading on democratic theory. it is not tyranny of the majority, it is not simply majority rule. there are fundamental aspects of one's life that a just government is not allowed to interfere with, and banning these sorts of personal liberties falls outside of the government's just jurisdiction.
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