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I've provided proof that the oceans are not warming, and are cooling.

You showed a graph showing no warming in the past 10 years. That does not disprove an overall trend of warming over a longer period.

Once again you're wrong. First, it plainly shows no correlation between temps and CO2. And second, it's ted "global" temperatures, and therefore useful.

Yes it does, as proven.
If you read carefully, you'll find the CO2 data is from one location.

And now you're making shit up.....Pretty sad.
To give you one of many examples: volcanic activity can decrease global temperature even if CO2 levels are high.

Since, as I said, that link was one part proving there is no consensus, my point was clearly made. You failed to disprove it, so your reply was meaningless. (as most of your replies in this thread have been).
Most of them do not think man-made CO2 has an effect on global temps.
You really need to read links before you post them as sources. Most of them do think CO2 has an effect.

And their credibility:

somewhat outweighs your "those people don't study climate".
Certainly looks like 400 climatologists to me. Oh wait a second...

And it still baffles me why you trust their opinion over other climatologists. Unless of course you've decided things in advance.

Come on now, quit being a 10 year old and and go read that article again. That, or quit making shit up (again) to hide your failed argument.
The credibility of the article aside, I did read it and it explicitly said most agree that CO2 has an effect on climate.

As I've proven, there is no "consensus". If you don't provide something new on this point, we'll assume you've given up on this also.
All of my proof is still present and doing fine. Your positions and arguemnts have gone no where.
You've proven nothing other than your inability to grasp logical concepts.

Ok. You attempted to answer, but were wrong. We can agree on the wording that way also.
Wrong again. I did answer. Consider consulting to learn how words are defined.
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