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"I hate my hair in these anigifs, I'm glad I'm shooting myself in the head in at least one of them f
Herellor (Me)
McGoatse (Camelmix)
Eadwyn (CS Player)
3o1 (Patondeez) - on hold
Epito (Epitome)
CyN1cKnight (Cyn1cal)
Amzavier - on hold
Mchagg - on hold
Camelmix's friend
Pampita (Non-genmay that I found) - last priority

Only 6 [M] are in atm, 9 if you add in Patondeez's crew (but he's got stuff to do for now)
15 places are available in clan level 1 so basically we have enough room for you, your friends, dibble and his friends to join.
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