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Ok son, now let me tell you why you're the moron. The only way anyone changes there mind about Christain beliefs (or anything else for that matter) is by being exposed to them. See, when you are born you have zero beliefs or wisdom of any kind. You are nothing but a completely selfish, eating, shitting machine. As you grow older you hopefully gain more and more wisdom through learning from your mistakes and applying your knowledge and experience to discern what is truth. It's extremly common for teens to think they know everything and have the world all figured out. And then when they grow up they realize how foolish they used to be. Odds are the only reason why this girl believes in reincarnation is because it "sounds" right. She doesn't know or can't imagine anything else. The OP is a Christain and so am I...and I'm giving him advice. I'm twice his age so I probably know a little more about life than he does.

The really sad thing is that you are twice his age and you still think that religious beliefs boil down to right and wrong.

As in:
What you believe is "right" and everything else is wrong.

Do you dislike the muslim extremist terrorists? Well it is an extension of that kind of thinking that allows them to justify what they do.
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