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you will be sick of this title in a week <3 IMN
Originally Posted by johndhi
no one wants to use these analogous arguments about icecream or whatever, I'm just saying that you come off as a prejudicial prick when you call your religion the "right way." sure you didn't say her religion sucks, but you implied it by saying that she ought change her beliefs. you're turning things like you're being ostracized for your religious beliefs, when the only complaint is your insensitivity to other peoples' beliefs.

Im trying to relate it in a way that should make sense to everyone. If you actually read what i wrote then you should be able to understand it. I know how I come off and that is fine, it is to be expected. My main point was that she would be exposed to a contradictionary point of view and may question why she believes what she believes. Forget about what I know to be true or dont know. I also can hardly be insensitive to anyone if I am giving them helpful advice.
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