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A Righteous Infliction of Retribution
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Over 700,000 people are arrested each year for drug charges, and that is just for marijuanas. 75% of those arrests are for possession alone. These are not the Pablo Excabars. A lot of them are idiots smoking the “sticky icky” in school parking lots and shopping malls. Yea, their stupid, but with the mandatory federal sentencing laws on drug charges, we're filling our prisons with these non-violent drug offenders. It cost over $20,000 dollars a year to keep a pothead in prison, that's a lot more than having a pothead living on your couch. Do the moral crusaders give a damn about this. Hell no.

We have admitted drug abuses in our government (example: W, Ted Kennedy, and many others). They not only used drugs, they used it in excess. None of this weekend wussy crap for these guys. Be it pot, speed, alcohol, skank, acid, whatever; they all talked about publicly. They learn of the dangers of drugs first hand so they can use your money and violence in your name to stop others. Are they the only ones to be allowed the FREEDOM to learn for themselves.

The funny thing is that we are seeing many studies showing many illegal drugs can have medical uses. There are many medical benefits of marijuana, specially with people going through chemotherapy. No one have died from an overdose of marijuana. NO ONE! Can can't be said about alcohol or tobacco. There is a study that shows that extacy may help people with Parkinson's.

What people do with their own bodies and their own minds is their business, providing they do not impose any harm to other individuals or society. Just stay out of my fucking house. All of ya, the potheads and the fucking government.
Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, when he said, "I drank what?"

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