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what really needs to be done is the average stoner who bitches about this shit needs to donate to NORML or somebody, then NORML needs to raise their funds and start plastering ads in every magazine, television show and across the internet to deliver their message to the public. Significant public sentiment is already for the decriminalization of marijuana, an advertisement campaign that showed the average middle-class american basic facts about the substance, the war against it, and the costs involved would quickly increase the voter's awareness of the issue; subsequently, public officials would pick up on that, eventually getting voted into places where they can make a difference.

Take a look at the silly freevibe 'antidrug' ads in EGM and CosmoGirl magazine..

Now imagine a full-page ad saying 'It costs $______ a year in tax payer's money to pay for the imprisonment of americans arrested for smoking marijuanna'.

the average american, i think, recognizes most anti-drug propaganda as overblown and/or exaggerated, but numbers dont lie and americans dont take kindly to their taxes going towards frivulous ends.
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