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Wow, what an awesome thread, very enlightening....

While I can't say that I agree with the legalization of all drugs, I'm definately all for MJ being 100% legal, for all the reasons listed above. I can't agree with legalization of the harder drugs because they really aren't victimless. Heroin addicts take a toll on their families and friends and all who care about them as they spiral through addiction. It has next to no positive effects, and destroys peoples lives.

While I completely agree with the idea that I have the right to pollute my body as I see fit, I believe that some drugs are simply too dangerous to be allowed in society.

That said, we obiviously have a large amount of support for a change in legalisation, and some very compelling arguments for our case. Hows about instead of reinforcing our viewpoints by reiterating them over and over again to each other, we make our viewpoints known to those in power.

Anyone have some webspace to set up an online petition, or know of a current petition that will actually be delivered to those in power?

Action must be taken.... Can we do anything else?
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