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NYC: Prewarning: I don't really eat at up-scale restaurants :P

L'asso - Funky staff which serves great strict "Italian-style" pizzas. Right across the street from the famous Lombardi's, but IMO, L'asso is better, and you aren't treated like cattle. 192 Mott St at Kenmare St in NoHo

Maoz Vegetarian - Falafel chain - a bit pricey, but they have a great salad bar to dress up your falafel with. The broccoli is addicting! Many locations - I go to the one by Union Square because it's near work (38 Union Sq E between 16th & 17th St).

Andaz - Great Indian food on the Upper East Side. A semi-fancy place, usually close to empty. The best entree I've had there was the Lamb Saag (lamb and sauteed spinach) with garlic naan and basmatti rice. 1378 1st Ave between 73rd & 74th St.

Big Nick's - One of the best burgers in town, hole in the wall diner, cheap and just plain awesome (this is real New York). 2175 Broadway At 77th St

Cafe Gitane - Trendy little French cafe (always crowded) that serves up great sandwiches. Since you'll have time to kill, check out the old St. Patrick's Cathedral across the street or the shops in the area. Or if you're a dude, just check out all the hot ass walking around . 242 Mott St between Prince & Houston St

Famous Ray's - My favorite slice of plain cheese pizza to go. Really cheesy, sweet tomato sauce, and I always load it up with crushed red pepper and parmesan. Flavor increases exponentially if you're drunk. Located at 6th ave on the corner of 11th street (this is the best location to go to, IMO).

Cafe Henri - Little french place, great for brunch! I've only gone to the location in Long Island City Queens, but there's also one in the West Village. Can get crowded so plan ahead. Long Island City 1010 50th Ave (Queens; 7 train); 27 Bedford St at Downing St (Manhattan).

Rocko's - A place for desserts and cappuccino. This place has been around forever, and some will call it touristy, but there cappuccino is great so I don't care. Definitely recommend walking up and down Bleeker Street, they have a better Italian-deli selection than Little Italy. 243 Bleecker St b/t Carmine and Cornelia streets.

Crif Dogs - Cool little shop on St. Marks in the East Village that sells custom-made hot dogs to your liking. The key here is bacon! Kinda expensive, (I think it's around $5 for a hot dog), but it's fun to go to once in a while, especially just to walk up and down St. Marks area and check out the shops. Located on St. Marks Place (8th Street), between 1st ave and Ave A by Tompkins Square Park.

Paul's - Pretty good burger spot in the East Village. They make burgers non-stop so the meat is fresh (you can see it in a huge pile on their grill. Can be a bit messy, but it's cool 'cause you can order it exactly how you want it cooked and they don't care. Right next door to Gem Spa bodega, which is famous for its egg creams. Located 2nd ave between 7th and St. Marks Pl (8th street).

Corner Bistro - Cozy burger joint that also sells cheap beer from McSorley's Pub in the East Village (it's like $3 for a pint). Located in West Village at the cross-section of West 4th street, Jane Street, and 8th Avenue.
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