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Silver Spring, MD (on the DC border)

Quarry House Tavern: This hole in the wall is actually a hole in the floor. It has it's own entrence, but it's in the basement of an Indian restaurant. The beer menu is about 20 pages long, with out 15 of those pages focusing on Belgians. Insanely good burgers, home-made tater tots topped with white cheddar, homemade potato chips with dill dip. It's my favorite bar in the area, except Saturdays are ruined with too-loud live rockabilly.

8407 Kitchen Bar: It's a stupid name, but the food is stellar. Non-pretentious, but the chef is adventurous. Menu changes every few weeks and is always seasonal. Portions are small. A recent meal I had there: Pumpkin-Apple soup, Seared Scallops with a Chantrelle & Sweet Potato Hash topped with a Truffle Dressing, and a Goat-Cheese Flan for dessert. Yeah, you want to go there. Sunday Brunch is pretty good, too.

Ray's The Classics: Steak, Chops, Shrimp, Scallops, and sides. That's all this place does, and it does them all insanely well. One of the best steaks I've had.

Adega Wine Bar: The name is a misnomer. This is a wine store sandwich shop. You pay normal wine-store prices for a bottle of wine, but you can drink it there with the meal. They have a neat turbo-chiller for the whites. Small but thoughtful selection of wine. The sandwiches are STELLAR. One of my faves is the Duke Ellington: Roast beef, brie, romaine, tomato, and a horseradish cream on crusty baguette. Or the chicken flatbread with pesto and a crazy-good tarragon sauce. Also, don't miss their sweet potato fries and eggplant fries.
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