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islamic peoples historically waged war because of religious reasons, but then again so did christians, and even those wars still boiled down to economics and resource grabbings, modern day warfare between "christian" and "islamic" civilizations is hardly influenced by religion any more, perhaps the islamic side is influenced by religion a bit, but only slight more so

speaking of "holy wars", who are the biggest supporters of israel in america (besides the kiikes themselves)? white born and bred american evangelists who believe reviving israel will trigger armageddon and bring about the second coming of christ

come on do you really think cave dwelling afghanis and goat fucking palestinians want to kill ameridumbs and kiiikes because of pork eating and freedumb? or is it because their sovereignity and quality of life is violated directly on a daily fucking basis by the global amero-jewish rothschild banking cabal/cartel?

hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp that's a tough one, them dune coons hate us cause we eat da pork and drink budweiser and have premarital sex! the koran says so!

come on

the world is controlled by jewish usury and amerikkkan bombs, dune coons are just responding to this aggression by the only way getting shit done is possible (and it's not peaceful protests and marches and twitter hash tags)

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