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I really don't care one way or the other, but creating a Palestinian state isn't going to do shit for peace in that region..

Well a lot of the fighting is about the money, not just the land. Palestinians pay taxes to Israel, and up until 2005 they used to receive a very significant refund. Then Palestine applied for sovereignty in the UN iirc, and Israel stopped returning their money. Then shit started going down again... So if they are two states, then there's no way that Israel can force them to pay taxes. They don't fight just "because religion" there's real issues on the table, except every time the UN has tried to negotiate a resolution US would use its veto power.

Watch how fast those israelis turn on the US now. End of dole tantrum incoming.

Ps Intersting how assjew gives me shit for consensual mommy dole but approves gov't mandated jew dole.
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