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how many applications can u no longer use/will not work running in compatibility mode? u running VM's?
Absolutely 0. Everything works.

I also am no lightweight user. Probably already close to 30 desktop apps installed. Standard stuff really. Office 2016, Chrome 64, Cyberfox, Notepad++, Greenshot, puretext, putty, filezilla, 7-zip, jabra, CheckPoint VPN, Symantec Antivirus, OpenVPN, print drivers, etc etc.

Issues I had:
* CheckPoint VPN - work - Didn't test the latest prod release, but they had a beta client ready and works
* vmWare workstation - Grabbed a slightly newer version than I was using.... The previous version I just never got around to updating since it "wasn't broken, didn't feel the need to fix/change"
* Touchpad Driver - Caused some bluescreens, Lenovo brought out a fix
* Lync/Skype 2016 beta - Had to run as admin. Fixed in final release

Uptime is getting to be much better now that a few patches came out, and my driver issue was fixed on my machine machine. No issue really leaving my machine up, sleep mode at home, dock at work, sleep mode at work, dock at home. Home and work dock setup is different, etc. Easily go a week+ without a reboot. I use 7-10gb of memory at all times with all my running crap Working good on my other boxen to. About to start rolling it out at work to the first users too
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