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Originally Posted by JLowry
My mom leaves her ring next to the computer when she types, I was playing with it earlier and I stuck it in the diskette drive and I keep pushing the eject button. It won't come out and now she is gonna be out of the shower looking for her ring in about 10 minutes. Yap it up and tell him you are going to try and stick a knife in the drive. What about a screwdriver? Maybe a plastic Discuss ways to get it out.

Oh shit, was that sparks I saw? Oh no, now smoke is coming out of the drive... make him hold for a minute, set phone down and start yelling at "brother" to go get the water hose, but make sure tech support guy can hear you. Cuss words and banging sounds are good here while you have phone laying down.

Pick up phone a minute later and tell him computer is on fire, ask him what to do, make sure there is enough background noise for him to believe it.(remember mom is in shower/outside/not here) Tell him you are not allowed to call 911 under any circumstances due to immigration/green card being expired and living situation. End it with a big splash of water(on computer) next to phone and tell him you tripped breaker as all the lights at house are no longer on. Hmm, computer won't turn back on, now what?

If we could pull all that off, we'd have a winner! Jewbloob (my co-worker) comes in at 1pm est, we'll get creative then and work on this!


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