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I grew up in a solidly middle class family..not upper middle class by anyones standards (dad worked for the Treasury dept) and mom was a homemaker with several home businesses here and there. We lived in a 3,800 sqft 4br house on 2.5 acres with all the modern amenities and then some, 3 cars and a small fishing boat, I went to the doctor/dentist whenever needed and even had an orthodontist for braces. There was always plenty of food from the supermarket, and we even ate out at restaurants occasionally. After high school I attended a private college and then later a state university for a degree. My parents are both recently retired, but with good money management they live a comfortable life.

Keep in mind that we were never considered "wealthy" back then and certainly not by todays standards....and there were millions of Americans living the same or better lifestyle. How many Soviets could read that and claim the same?
You are/were wealthy compared to the vast majority of people on the Earth. The "middle class" in the US did have a higher standard of living relative to the average person in the USSR mostly because it was so much wealthier overall. There was also a large percentage of the US population that was and is still impoverished and had a lower standard of living than the average person in the USSR. The point is that the USSR system was able to produce huge economic gains with a standard of living comparable to first world capitalist nations and the introduction of capitalism in the nations of the former USSR had a devastating effect on the standard of living in those countries.
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