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Look, nobody is arguing that life in Russia sucks and is worse for most than previously. But this is not as simple as "capitalism vs Communism." The country transitioned from an autocratic, centrally planned empire, to a plutocratic non-democracy with vague aspirations of capitalism. It's more a robber baron state than a functional example of "capitalism," and blaming this on a general economic system is ridiculous. Blame the grossly corrupt government first, then look at the economic system.
Economics and politics are not divisible systems. The "robber baron state" IS the reality of the global capitalist system for most of the world, the first world lives in the illusion of a "fair" capitalist system because of the enormous concentration of wealth there (from exploitation of the rest of the world) allows them to pay their workers enough that they will stay content with their lot, because of the previous work of labour movements (now largely dead), and because the massive capitalist propaganda system convinces first worlders to ignore their own and others exploitation by that same system. Capitalism controls and runs the state in both Russia and the USA, the only difference is a temporary difference in standards of living.

Of course now that the threat of socialism is nearly completely wiped out and a truly global capitalist system exists there is no longer any need to maintain such a facade. Most people in the US have a vague sense that they're being "left behind" in the modern world, the right funnels this anger into movements like the tea party (while the left simply doesn't exist on any significant level) and couch the reality in terms like "the end of empire" or "losing global competitiveness".
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