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Not impossible to find.. just impossible to find for 45K

So far my CTS-V has been fantastic. I have a sedan so it's "kid capable" if that's how you want to go. Quite of few of the forum members on have baby Recaros for their little ones.

You can easily get into a nice sedan for high 30's low 40's. You get to start off with 556 horsepower, magnetic-ride suspension, and the interior is top notch for an American car. My AMG had a little more "panache", but the Caddy is just tits man. Only caveats?

1) I average 16 mpg in it, and you're running Premium 100% of the time
2) Ga$ tank is only 16 Gallons, so you will be on a first name basis with every gas station owner in the surrounding area

Seriously though.. SUCH a great car. I've never liked the Wagon look, but what I do recognize is that they are going to be incredible investments down the road. We'll be seeing them in 20 years at Barrett-Jackson just killing it. M6, Recaro, Wagon in Frost White or Metallic Blue = Unicorn.

And long time, no see man. Hope things are well for ya. Need some more gearheads over here these days.

What do you think about the new v sports? A 2015 in premium trim seems like something i could live with.
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