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I got a chance to do more than dick about last night, I'm pretty happy with Forza 3 overall. The cars feel a lot more substantial, it took me a little while to get used to the way the physics are tuned but once I did I really like the new system. The new tracks are excellent, Sedona is a wet dream and that crazy coastal track is as butt-clenching as it gets at times, it's too bad you can't flip a car over the guardrails.

The tuning system is the same as ever, upgrades have been modified a bit. You can now choose different front and rear wheel diameters and widths, they added cooling system upgrades and the drivetrain swap has been changed a bit, you can independantly swap the engine and the drive train. Nothing like swapping the FWD drivetrain for RWD in a little naturally aspirated hatch back.

Career mode has been changed substantially, the new calendar-based system is alright, it looks like there are a ton of different events to go through and I don't mind being goaded into trying an event that I would normally blow off.

Painting has been modified as well, the ability to create decal groups on a flat plane with a grid than load them onto cars makes complex designs a 100x easier to create. I'm not a huge car painting guy but I like to screw with it when I have nothing better to do or need to be distracted while I think. I've posted a couple of small decals and a car design to the storefront and already started raking in the cash, nothing like free in-game money.

There are a few things that I didn't like, the menu system is still a bit cluttered IMO, there's no way to find out how many cylinders your cars have unless you Wiki the vehicle or guess based on displacement (this sucks when you go out to buy a car for a cylinder-specific event), the camera doesn't remain in dash view if you look all the way to the left, right or back (this is gay when I just want to check my mirrors and have to be gentle with the right stick to stay in-car) and I think I need to tinker with the dead zones and sensitivity in the control settings, in constant radius turns and occasionally while trying to stay straight I have to rock the stick back and forth in tiny bits to stay on the line, this happens with all my controllers.

Oh yeah, for those bitching about the "DLC car" pwning the leader boards, go and fucking buy the game. There is no DLC currently available for Forza 3 ATM, those vehicles are the 10 that you receive when you use the card in the Forza 3 packaging. One of which is a $15 million dollar Ferrari.
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