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I've revealed this little gem in a previous thread some months ago, but now seems an opportune time for a retelling.

A guy who was previously my supervisor (we'll call him Dan) has 3 brothers, and at one point they all lived next door to each other, 2 brothers per apartment. One night, Dan comes home after work at midnight, plops down on the couch, and begins to watch TV. After about an hour, his brother comes in, drunk off his gourd, with an equally inebriated female. Apparently they were both bartenders, got smashed after work, and came home to fuck.

So, the brother and this girl go into his bedroom while Dan continues to watch TV. After about a half hour, Dan sees his brother rush out of the bedroom, naked except for the sheets wrapped around his body. The brother runs to the laundry room, dumps the sheets in, and runs for the bathroom. After a few minutes, the brother plops down on the couch by Dan, still wet from the shower.

Dan asks, "What happened, man? Why the big rush?" To which his brother replies, "So, that girl I brought home, I was just fucking her from behind, and I feel something kind of warm and squishy on my dick. I look down and see this huge turd has snaked out of her asshole, then look up and realize she's passed out."

So, the sheets were a mess, shit all over, and this girl is passed out drunk. The brother makes Dan swear that he won't say anything to anybody about it.

The next morning, Dan is sitting at the breakfast table with the other two brothers from next door, when the shit-on brother comes in and sit down. Everyone is silent for a moment, until one of the brothers pipes up and says, "So, bro, I hear you fucked the shit out of some girl last night."

I've gotten so many great shit stories from this guy. Too bad this is the only one I can really remember well enough to tell.
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