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Dreams and knowing you're in one.

I am a very vivid dreamer. I remember several dreams each week, and not uncommonly in a single night. Sometimes they are mundane, but often they are stressful, scary, or panicky. I'm told I grind my teeth and sometimes thrash around. In particularly intense dreams, I wake up with a headache or exhausted the next day (the alarm jolts of out of mid-dream frequently).

My boyfriend and other people have told me that they know when they are dreaming, and can control it to some extent (sometimes even waking themselves up) because of that. I have tried their advice, but whenever I'm in a dream, I am completely and totally immersed, it's the only life I know, etc. Even glaringly obvious impossibilities seem to make sense while I'm dreaming it. I'm very gullible, so maybe I automatically believe any scenario I think I'm in?

Anyway, does anyone else have trouble realizing they're in a dream? Or does anyone know a way to lighten dreams up? (While interesting, some nights I could do without them) What do you normally dream about?

Tell me your dreams Gen[M]ay!
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