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I usually have one day per week where I remember my dreams and it's usually multiple dreams in one night. They're always stressful and involve conflict, usually with my father who I dont agree with very often. The weirdest dreams I had which I tell all my friends about is one where I was dating a girl (her body was of my ex) but she had 3 vaginas (no lie) shaped like venus flytraps. I figured that the extra vaginas represented my other 2 friends I was interested at the time and uh tthe venus flytraps part came from randomly thinking about it earlier in the week.

The times I remember waking up because of my dream were pretty terrible. I was dreaming I was face to face with a humongous spider and I woke up screaming "spider, spider!" what a lamo.

the other one was after a leg surgery I had, someone turned on the light outside my door and in my dream I perceived that light to be a laser attached to someone's gun and was aiming it at me. I jerked my right leg real bad, the one i had surgery on, and omg it hurt so bad I think I shed a tear. Then i reached for my oxycodon and everything was just dandy.
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