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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Dont have to. Reality is crashing in. I recently ripped someones whole worldview apart with the fact that more millionaires in congress are democrats.

AGW is all but defunct

It looks like even Ron Paul can beat Obama

You still think your sealed jar of co2 represents a chaotic system with significant parity.

2012 is predicted by solar physicists as the last and most extreme sunspot year before a 10 to 30 year minimum that will make the little ice age look like a summer safari.

Sam just made a good joke pretending he had reason to believe we had equivalent intellects.

Next thing would be you trying the same.

Where's this statistic about rich dems? I want a new alarm to help wake up those permanently dreaming the american dream. Why do people who have wheels on their house consistently support the estate expansion of a few others who they have not, nor will ever meet?

I understand celebrity crushes (who can resist some of these republican personalities ) but putting yourself down so they can get up is going a little too far. Especially if you are dragging others down with you.

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each retard puppet has to be worse than his predecessor
hes trying, but having a tough time -thats the root of his rage

I agree.
Make Genmay Great Again
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