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Troll: PokeAGoat
Aim: vsocialmisfitv

Kevin Buck:
Rt 5 Box 1209
Muldrow, OK 74948

had a deal last year Deember 10th 2003 for a Electric Guitar, Amp, pedals etc for $400.

sent him the money 2 days after making the deal, he confirmed he recieved it, kept up chatting with him and writing him emails about sending the stuff or the money back for about 6 months.

there was always an excuse, couldn't find boxes big enough, car broke down, moving apts, etc. finally i just told him to send my money back but he then blocked me from all pm's on the [M] and changed his Aim, blocked me from his emails etc. no way to get ahold of him now.

he still posts around here, so if someone wants to help me out, that would be great.
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