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this may come as a shock to you... but posting on an internet message board is not the same as real life. the very purpose of this sub-forum is to post about sex/health related topics. anything else is considered off-topic and will be locked/moved. its rather logical to expect that a person who regularly posts here will be discussing sex/health related topics in all of them.

people bash the girls who post here because its their nature. are the contents of their posts sometimes, or even mostly, driven by the attention they hope to get? surely. then again, vinnie posts here purely for attention. after all, hes already stated he doesnt care about anyone elses opinions but his own, what other reason would he waste his time here? certainly someone who is such a perfect human and has such a low regard for others who read/post here would find a better way to pass the time.

You made a mistake here - your post was logical, rational, and truthful. The majority of those that have been posting in this thread do not respond to such nonsense.

Also, you forgot to include 'arseflute', 'cock gobbler' or 'tiger' in your post. Please correct this.
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