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I didn't say everyone, I just said it's fairly common here in the states. The amount I claimed to observe was not representative of everyone either, I was just reporting on what I see when I go out to bars and parties.

The majority of the population doesn't abuse any drug. The majority of drug users don't abuse drugs either.

33% of all adult drinkers self reporting past month binge drinking is still fairly common. One third of the adult alcohol consuming population is drinking to get drunk on a regular basis for the past 25 years. That appears to not even factor in underage drinking as they limit it to adults. Underage drinkers may account for 15% to 25% of alcohol industry sales or more 1 [CNN]. Underage drinking is also more likely to kill teens than all illicit drugs put together. By 12th grade 50% of highschool seniors have tired weed but by eighth grade 50% of highschool freshman have already tried alcohol and 20% report being drunk at least once. By 12th grade 80% of students report having tried alcohol and 30% report that they drink 3 or more times per month and binge drink. There are more alcohol related traffic crashes for people under 21 as there are for people over 21 and there are over twice as many fatal alcohol related traffic accidents for underage drinkers versus of age drinkers.

Alcohol is far from being a benign drug.

Underage drinkers are obtaining alcohol and drinking it illegally. If they're breaking the law to get something then I'm not crying when it comes back to bite them. As sad as it may be, there will always be a minority of the population who will pursue self-destructive habits. That can't be helped, and we can't spend all our time trying to legislate in an effort to save people who it won't matter to anyway.

Aside from that, trying to say that alcohol or marijuana is benign or not is a pointless excercise. Alcohol-related deaths come from the poor choices people make regarding alcohol. We can try to limit the number of people who will make bad choices through education, but it will never be enough.

And getting back to the main point, I don't want marijuana legalized because it's nearly sole use (as a drug) is to produce effects in people that I don't like. Alcohol is irrelevant to this debate, as far as I can tell.
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