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The Avenger
Ever have an annoying chunk of malware that won't let go, even in safe mode? Run The Avenger to schedule the deletion/renaming of files/registry keys after a reboot before the nasties even have a chance to load.

Perform useful tasks silently, like changing system volume, closing/ejecting the CDROM drive, hide/show windows... some of the tasks it performs may seem silly/trivial, but you'll find it golden when combined with...

Execute processes on remote systems. A billion cool uses. Combine with NirCmd and administrative credentials to drive your co-workers to the brink of insanity.

Analyzes media files to determine what codecs are required to play them, among other things.

Write scripts to automate the Windows GUI... move the mouse, read window titles, select buttons, hide/show windows... anything. A billion potential uses. Also, build your own GUI apps!

Why provide only written instructions? Wink performs screen captures to build animated and interactive training materials. Exports to Flash!

"Mindmapping" software to assist with brainstorming/organization.

A Wiki-like Notepad replacement. Wiki notation, hierarchical trees, export to HTML... very cool tool for pouring your brain out into a useable form. Great for keeping personal how-to lists and knowledgebases.
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