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Click, Click, Bloody Click, Pancakes!
Alright I am going to try this one more time.

I have an 80 DK for sale on a pvp server.

-Full PVP Set
-DPS set of mixed epics( easy 3k+ dps without trying)
-Has Epic Flyer from CoS, but no training.
-1500 gold on the account. (At least another 1000 gold in mats in the bank)
-20k honor and 2k arena points.
-72 Hunter on account
-Various alts (42 pally, 36 rogue)

-Lots of BoA items Healing mace (22 int), 2xPVE Dagger (15 agi), PVP 2H Sword (Crusader), cloth leather mail and plate shoulders.

I am the original owner of the account and have the secret question answer. I have sold 3 other accounts here in the past without issue. All toons are transferable and the account is active for another month.

$105 takes it!
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