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Shammy's getting buffed in 3.2 big time!

Has the 16k gold mammoth mount with venders, and of course cold weather flying with an epic flying mount.

Has over 2k gold currently and over 15k honor

450 mining/herbalism can make a ton of gold easily

Has a decent pvp set with calamity's grasp as main hand and pride offhand. Can have over 900 res depending on what gear you use. Mostly in deadly gear, some hateful, furious belt, could get furious bracers easily.

Has a nice resto set mostly tier 7.5, can heal ulduar no problem.

Has a good ele set with mostly random lvl 80 epics, mostly from naxx25.

$200 obo, willing to trade for all sorts of electronics or computer stuff, don't want any car audio though.

$70 final price drop
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