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80 Human Priest, 80 Gnome Mage, 80 Undead Warrior

Looking to sell an account with an 80 Human(female) priest and 80 Gnome(male) mage. Both Alliance toons are on the same realm. There's also an 80 Undead Warrior on a different realm. There are other toons on the account including a bank toon with roughly 5k gold.

All 3 80s have their epic flyers and cold weather flying.
Priest is an enchanter and tailor(maxed cept 2 points in tailoring I think)
Mage is an alchemist and herbie(maxed)

The priest and mage are geared for uld. I haven't played since 3.2 was announced.

I'll provide more details upon request. I have great heat if anyone uses it anymore.

I have the original cd key, secret question, etc. This is my original wow account.

$350 PM with questions.
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