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I am sick and tired of everyone being so racist in this world. There are some people trying to make it in the world and other who just want to make a quick buck selling crack.

it doesn't matter if you are white, black, hispanic, arab, asian, if you are a sleezball you should be excluded from society and locked in jail. WHY would anyone want to be selling crack to 10 year olds. becuase they are too lazy to make an honest dollar. the media portrays this as mostly black people, but in chinatown, the suburbs and little italy this crap goes on.

i try not to be racist nor judge. but i cannot help judge someone who is such an evil person...

some will say god judges us all in the end

others will say that we just lay in a hole.

eitherway, we either lye in a hole til we are eaten by earthworms or we have etenrity or we go to hell.
so in my opinion why not try your hardest to do good, incase there really is a god, then you don't go to hell.

oh well /rant
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