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Big Heinous Anus
Harrow how me I take your place order? ^____^
Fuck my old friends. They've changed so much it's rediculous. We used to hang out and do literally everything together, then my other asshole friend came into their lives and started dating one of them, and now we rarely see eachother anymore.

To make matters worse, my asshole friend tried to break into my house the other day (I watched him) and then he lied about it to my face, and continues to lie, even when he knows I watched him. I want to fucking kill him, and the worst part is that my other friend would never believe me because they're "in love omglolftw"


I've never been a bad friend to any of them. I helped one of them along when their bf died, and I've never lied to any of them. I'm not the guilty one here, the asshole is for lying and ruining my friendships with the other two, and they're at fault for never wanting to hang out with me despite my numerous attempts. All any of them ever do is blow me off, and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of all of it.

We're going to be out of the butt and into the fuck if we don't come up with that $36...

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