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I know I'm going to get shit for this, but I really think the best rifle to have, not necessarily the only rifle I'd grab, but definitely the first would be a .22

ammo availability means no matter where you end up you can find ammo, it will kill small game and even a deer if you're a good shot. and it can be a decent weapon, granted it doesn't have stopping power, but getting shot with a .22 will deter all but the most desperate attackers, and even then once they're shot once your advantage raises a ton. also the weight issue, if you have to travel it's best to cut ounces and they weigh nothing.

I'll back this up. My 10/22 has like 9 different parts, and hasn't been cleaned in I don't know how long. I can still drop rabbits at 50 yards with it. It's quiet and light with enough accuracy and power to kill small game. In a SHTF scenario I would trust it to kill/deter attackers. With out medical attention any sort of wound is going to get nasty fast. As mentioned by everyone else, ammo is cheap, plentiful and light.
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