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What wears out do you know?

"Hi-Point handguns are +P rated and accept all factory ammunition."

I doubt they'd make a claim without testing it, googling forums seems to support this. Is it true that a +p 9mm is = .45 acp? I don't need any more power than a normal 9mm offers, just curious. Oh and how much more is +p ammo on average?

+P is a half step toward magnum. All it really means is there's a larger powder charge behind the round. 9mm +P != .45 ACP. It just gives a little more muzzle velocity so it punches a little harder than standard 9mm. Also, what exactly are you expecting from the gun you intend to purchase? Is it strictly just a have fun down at the range gun? Do you want it for home defense?

If you're just looking for a fun at the range first time gun, you might not want to be so quick to write off a .22 LR pistol. They're fairly cheap (and so is the ammo), so you're not out a whole lot if you decide you don't like shooting. They're easier to work on the fundamentals of shooting with (If you have trouble with the fundamentals on a .22, you won't be very accurate with a .45 in all it's heavy recoil glory, either), as well as learning how cleaning and such works (less expensive stuff there, too).

Then there's the revolver versus semi-automatic question. Revolvers are very easy to maintain, and are less likely to jam. If you have a dud round, which you will if you shoot long enough, you just wait a bit, and let that dud round stay in the cylinder as it cycles to the next chamber. Automatics are a bit more difficult, both in operation and maintenance. You may have jams every now and then (e.g. spent round gets caught in the slide, a double feed, etc.), and dud rounds are a little more tricky to deal with.

Now, if you're looking for a home defense gun on top of fun time at the range, and it's your first gun, I would recommend the revolver. Just because of the simple reliability. Most gunfights, if you get in one, will occur in the space of a closet, so your 17 round magazine won't matter much. You'll never fire them all before it's over. Unless you're a cop. For some reason, they can fire two magazines at someone and barely manage to hit the ground. Personally, if you do spring for the revolver, I like the .357 Magnum. You can shoot .38 Special ammo through it at the range (so you don't tear your wrist apart, and it's easier on the wallet last time I checked, too.), and every now and then shoot .357 Mag through it to remind you of the recoil, and stay up on shooting your home defense loads (they have specific ammo for that. It is expensive, but that's because it's higher quality ammo, stores longer, and I hope you rarely have to use it, just like everyone else).
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