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Originally Posted by Tom Kazansky View Post
Because everyone in opposition to the mosque is automatically a white Christian bigot.
Yeah, they pretty much are.
Other than the really really rare hitchens/dawkins type neo-atheist scum, that's how it is. I think you should just learn how to fucking deal with it broseph.
I guess it's easier to dismiss the other side as bigots so you don't have to, Lord forbid, engage in an intellectual discussion on the topic that might result in a compromise reached by both sides that can keep everyone happy. Afterall, the left always claims they're out to pacify the happiness of everyone, except apparently the 70% of people polled who oppose it.
Yes, because your idea of compromise is that everyone on this fucking planet should abide to your western world view and agendas when you see it fit but not the other way around.

Oh, and asking people of other religions should be treated unequally in zoning is the exact definition of bigotry, I think you should stop pretending it isn't just that and deal with that aswell.

Nice to see you pumped out the L-word there too.
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