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that is one thing I REALLY like about the sightmark- the power switch. without moving my left hand at all I can turn it on and off

that and the quick detach mount works very well and actually holds a zero after taking it off and replacing it. The funny thing is I originally got it for the shotgun and decided I liked it well enough to put it on AR #2 (my other M4 has an Eotech, BTW)

I know a guy who has a brand new ACOG he isn't using (he doesn't even like guns, acquired it under questionable circumstances) that I need to bug again. I tried to get it for $700 and he said he wouldn't take less than $900. We'll see about that.

I'm going to a gun show tomorrow and I'm going to try and pick up a lower to do a Vltor A5 conversion on. I've got the parts and tools all ready to go.
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