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i think thats how they come in cali anyway
derp derp cali laws
i don't think thats illegal my buddy from cali was saying he did something similar and it was legal

Yes I read that in another thread thats similar to this and i get them confused, the way the post was worded i couldnt really understand what he meant and when i googled it i saw this release mechanism that prevents you from ejecting your clip by a button which would slow your reloading time a little even if you had a sardine can key on a magnet on the side of your receiver youre adding a 1-2 second time to getting a new mag in there. It would seem to me if the aim of these modification laws in caliderpia is to reduce the threat of mass shooters they would want to increase reloading time to give people a chance to run for it...

But it looked like he said it was illegal to put one on and the standard mag ejector button was the only legal configuration.
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