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being an isolationist is the only smart way to handle these things. Get involved we create new enemies, or sometimes we arm people who are our friends one day, enemies the next. Sometimes our friends give our enemies weapons that we gave them. Damage control with an empire doesn't work and never has.

Uh, the US was violently (So to speak) and ethically a Isolationist country once.

"It's their problem! Let them solve it and we can keep to ourselves!"

Then someone went and bombed the snot shit out of Pearl Harbor. while our back were turned (more or less) and we were refusing to get involved in international affairs.

Keeping our nose clean and out of international issues and isolationism is the proverbial ostrich sticking it's head in the sand. It's FUCKING STUPID.

What's the quote? People who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Not saying we should be AS involved as we are on the world stage, but going isolationist only gets us back stabbed down the road.
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