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Originally Posted by g30rg3
its a Lion! such an awesome animal.. shoot deer and that type of stuff and its all good, but no Lion, Tiger, Elephant and a couple of others

nice to see you can distinguish between animals, which one is worth killing and which one isn't..

at least with the PETA people you KNOW where those losers stand.

Stupid tards like yourself scream "they're making the animals go extinct omg so sad save them!" when in actuality, the number of legitate hunting kills is so insignificant compared to the mass slaughters of these animals for their pelts (to be sold later to non hunters). You wanna bitch about something, bitch about hundreds of elephants they kill for their tusks, which are later sold to people who don't want to get their hands dirty.

Bitch about the people that buy, not hunt, their own trophies/meat/whatever, not those that do the work themselves.
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