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*** REDUCED i am looking to sell this ASAP , its my account, i am the original owner, and can proved every detail on the account ***

I have been playing since wow has come out, I haven't even logged on for the last few months because my friends stopped playing... and I have no use for it any more...

lets get the details out first, I am looking for 150 obo I want to pay off the pre order for starwards the old republic, Through paypal to verrified emails only so I don't get scammed, I am the original owner on the account, it has a authenticator key on my iphone , so you don't have to worry about hackers or anything., , I want to make this as smooth and as possible.

In this account, you get a Awesome Tank, Healer, and DPS... there's no need to respec, you jsut have to swap characters...

Im just looking for a quick sale thats why its priced so low...

Upon sale i will set up a new email for the account, and give you the email address and email account password.. as well as all the account credentials to keep things 110% safe.

PM me for armory links

Ok the account details:
All characters are Horde on the Detheroc server

Lvl 85 Tauren Druid - Used him for tanking / feral DPS real fun to play and can be DPS, Tank, or healer...

Level 85 Undead Rogue - maxed in mining, and engi, cooking and fishing great for making money, he has a bunch of epic mounts both riding and flying, I used to collect the mini pets with this guy so he has 83 pets right now, including the rare ones from the holiday quests giant sewer rat and a lot more (a few from the trading card game, like the kite)

Level 85 Undead Priest - I used him to heal in raids, he has a great build, well know name across the server, you will never have a hard time finding a group, he also has epic riding and flying and a bunch of mini pets as well, not as much as the rogue though

Level 80 Blood Elf Death Knight - Just started playing him when I quit, started taking got through some raids and all the 5 mans... pretty sweet, He owns in PVP too!

Level 70 Orc Hunter - stopped playing after BC

Level 50 undead Mage
Level 40 undead warlock
Level 30 Blood Elf Paladin

I am willing to take best offer on this account, from what I have seen $300 is a fare price , but im just looking to get rid of it for my pay of on SW:tor, plus with the new content out you can hit the ground running...
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