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TBH a one lliter does seem strange when you read it, but they're just getting a lot more out of smaller and smaller packages these days. Well, at least some are. There's still a huge market for the 'no substitute for cubes' crowd. It amuses me to remember my 2.0L four banger is actually a quicker car than a lot of the bubbas in their 5.7 HEMI charger next to me at a stoplight. Whatever floats your boat Jethro. Better floor that thing and get back to your trailer before your last tooth falls out,,,

Monotone, superchips and puma speed have all made 173 and 190tq with just a tune.

Add in a short ram, larger inter cooler and exhaust for about $1,200 (including the tune) you'd have a 200 hp 1 liter
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