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irc log = b7

230436 <Bandit> what is wrong with tolageek
230441 <Regulus> aahahahaha
230442 <Regulus> he rules
230444 <angrybd> I really dont know
230446 <angrybd> he does rule
230447 <Bandit> he eats his own jizz
230449 <Bandit> he eats his own shit
230452 <Bandit> he fucked a crab
230455 <Bandit> what else has he done
230402 <refault> Bandit
230403 <angrybd> wait.. eating your own jizz is NOT as fucked up as eating your own shit
230408 <refault> nothing wrong with eating your own jizz
230410 <refault> but eating your own SHIT
230414 <refault> THATS FUCKING WRONG
230416 <angrybd> yeah that's just fucking gross
230421 <Bandit> what the fuck do you mean
230422 <refault> girls eat jizz
230423 <refault> no problem
230426 <refault> jizz ain't that bad to consume
230428 <Regulus> llllllllllawlllll
230429 <angrybd> true
230430 <Bandit> how is eating your own jizz not fucked up
230430 <refault> but your own fucking SHIT now
230432 <Bandit> i know its not bad
230434 <Bandit> but its sick
230434 <refault> bandit

edit for important line: <refault> i eat my own jizz
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