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Vinnie, I disagree. The way I understand it, your sexual orientation is based on whether you're physically attracted to your own or the opposite gender (or both!), and has nothing to do with acting on that attraction. Sex is willful action, whereas sexual attraction is an involuntary biological response. The two can be quite discrete.
I daren't ask why you deliberately misspelled my name and put it in bold, but anyhow. The point I'm making is not so much about peoples sexuality, but in their statement of sexuality because it's trendy to wear that title. If people aren't practising and never have, then they can't really say that they are.

From what I understand, lesbians hate bisexual women. I find it hard to fault the opinion in these matters of anyone who's attracted to women and women alone. If you aren't practising a sexuality and never have, then you've got no right to claim it.

There is very little if any stigmata attached to female bisexuality outside of religious and lesbian groups, in fact it is encouraged a lot more than discouraged from what I've seen. It's cool to claim you're a female bi. I've got nothing against those who are really bi, but people who claim they are and have never done anything of the sort?

I know that if I decided to make my next online incarnation a female, I'd play a bi for sure. Lots of attention right off the bat. This whole christian moral person thing is getting kinda dull, maybe next week I'll be Sylvia the hot bi. In fact, here is a pic of me, I'm on the right:
and me in the middle:
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