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I'm saying that if you don't act on something and haven't ever then you aren't whatever that something indicates. Thinking about something does not mean you are what that something indicates.

Here is the best example I can think of- if you don't commit murder than you are not a murderer. You cannot be imprisoned for murder if you have not commited the the crime (assuming the court hasn't screwed up and imprisoned an innocent). Same idea. A lot of people think about murder, some may give it serious thought, but if you don't actually murder, or start planning to murder, then you can't be tried and imprisoned for it.

If you haven't ever done anything bisexual and aren't trying to, then you're not bisexual. If bisexuality was a crime like murder, then you'd neither be found guilty of it or found guilty of conspiring to perform bisexual acts.

This only really applies to females claiming bisexuality. No other groups that I've ever come across wants to claim a different sexuality without practising it. You can see how much attention any female who claims they're bi gets, that's why they do it. Attention whoring on a larger scale. It gives those who really are bisexual a bad name. I feel sorry for them.
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