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That makes sense (what infix and vinnie's last posts say). But I now don't really see the point. Clearly if you don't want to be with people of both sexes, you aren't bisexual. But vinnie, weren't you saying before that it's action, not wants, that define sexuality in your opinion?

I also have a thought on the murderer thing. (Not really related, but whatever.) There's a difference between what you are morally and what the state can convict you of. I'm not talking about proof, either. Say you decide to kill someone, so you point a gun at them and pull the trigger, fully expecting them to die. But the gun misfires so the person is not shot. All the state can get you for is attempted murder, but morally, you are a murderer. This only has the slightest connection to what we're talking about here, but I see it as the difference between being attracted to people and actually sleeping with them. Something like that...
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